6 Ways to Use Vaseline in your Beauty Rituals

How to use Vaseline

Vaseline is one of those products I always keep in my makeup kit. It’s super handy and you can use it for a million things! Here are some ways I use Vaseline in my beauty rituals.

1. Tame Your Eyebrows

Out of control eyebrow hair is normal when you’re a desi. No need to buy expensive eyebrow kits, I just use a little Vaseline on a clean mascara want and run it through the brow hair. Then I take my angle brush with Brun Eyeshadow from MAC and color and shape the eyebrow.

1. Vaseline can be used to tame your eyebrows. If you are out of eyebrow gel, just dip a cotton bud in Vaseline and rub it over your eyebrows. That will keep them in place.

2. Remove Your Makeup


When I don’t have any makeup remover or I’m using heavy duty waterproof products I use my good ol’ Vaseline. No need for water, just dab on some Vaseline and swipe it off. Don’t even need to rub it. I then use a baby wipe or makeup removing wipe to clean off any residue on the face. Quick, easy and works!

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3. Powder to Cream

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When I want to create a dewy look, I just apply a bit of Vaseline to the cheeks and apply my powder blush on top using my fingers. Love the naturally dewy finish it creates.

4. Lip Stain



I also love using it on the lips! Apply it on the lips and then dab on any powder eyeshadow or blush on top to create a lip stain! Lips remain hydrated and have a natural tint of color. I’ve also read you can mix Vaseline with Kool-aid to create a really pretty stained lip look.

5. Perfume

Vaseline can help the scent of your perfume last for a longer time. Just add some Vaseline to your wrists and neck before spraying perfume.


6. Soft Skin

Nothing works better then Vaseline on the knees and elbows to help soften dry and rough skin. Especially on models before a photo shoot!

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