5 Things you Should Stop Doing Right Now for a More Meaningful Life

There are a lot of times in our life we feel as if everything is great but still we are not able to make our dreams a reality, reach our goals or just simply be happy. The answer surprisingly lies in the small things we do (or rather don’t do) unconsciously in our daily lives. Running around meeting the needs of today’s modern living, these common disasters are easily ignored. Here are 5 things that are keeping you from realizing your dreams:

1.Not going after your dreams

5 things you should stop doing right now

Simple as this may sound, this is the most common mistake we make every day our life. We conceive a lot of stuff, a thousand plans go on in our mind but do we really get down to working on them…most often than not….NO…then how do you really expect these reams to come true ?

2. Doing something you hate everyday


5 things you should stop doing right now2

Nothing can be more mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting than to force yourself to do things you would rather not. It could be a dull job, pursuing the wrong career, getting the wrong degrees, or dating the wrong people. One’s you free yourself of the necessary, you would find time an energy to focus on the really important and meaningful things in life.

3. Imagining the could have been’s and the could not’s

5 things you should stop doing right now23

Without realizing we spend a major portion of our time and thoughts thinking about and wondering of things from the past, our past failures, bad experiences, nasty words or rude people. IS it really worth to spend time thinking about these people and situations or past failures that cannot be amended? Let go, breathe, today is a new day!

4. Playing it too safe

5 things you should stop doing right now4

Settling into a comfortable lifestyle is too easy(and feels goo too!) but the things that add real meaning to life lie beyond this zone. Taking risks big or small, persuading your dreams, being more creative are just some examples. Figure out your own!

5. Succumbing to a leisurely life

5 things you should stop doing right now5

It is easy to spend the entire weekend crouched on your couch and playing dead. After all you deserve it after the killing weeks work, don’t you but if you take those two days as the time to do something new and add new flavour to your life by doing new things or pursuing old hobbies wouldn’t you be leading a far more satisfying life!

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