Is Rooh Afza Toxic?!

Rooh Afza is a desi tradition! We all grew up seeing Rooh Afza in our kitchen pantries. It is sold as a syrup to flavor falooda, cold milk drinks and desserts. For those who celebrate, Ramadan is never complete without our favorite pink drink! Tho it is a tradition have you ever wondered what is inside the bottle?On Wikipedia it says that the original Rooh Afza created in 1906 was made with fruits, herbs and vegetable extracts. With many different types of Rooh Afza brands available today a lot has changed from the original natural formula created years ago. Just take a look at the ingredients – you’ll realize it is made up of mainly sugar, colorings and preservatives!


So, the question is… should we really be concerned?

When analyzing its content, Rooh Afza is mainly artificial flavors and coloring. You may not realize what artificial food colorings may really be doing to your health, and that of your children. Since 2010 most foods in the EU that contain artificial food dyes were labeled with warning labels that read: “may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.” The British government also asked that food manufacturers remove most artificial colors from foods back in 2009. In North America, the Middle East and Asia consumers are still indifferent to foods that contain artificially colored foods and the risks involved with consuming them. There is a long list of issues related to consuming artificial flavors and coloring to name a few hyperactive children, depression and attention disorders!

Red 40, is one the most commonly used dyes and is what is in Rooh Afza. It is made from the same petroleum base that fuels machinery and cars! The Food and Drug Administration acknowledged it as a carcinogen! What’s even more alarming is that food dyes are linked to many different types of cancer!! When you really start thinking about it dyes are in what seems like almost everything – food, cosmetics and even grooming products!

Rooh Afza like many soft drinks we consume contain a chemical used as a preservative: Sodium benzoate. When combined with ascorbic acid form benzene, which is a known carcinogen! Sodium Benzoate promotes cancer and kills healthy cells! Effects your skin, hair along with your health! Toxic!! It’s also has been linked to hyper activity!Alarming isn’t it?!




What Should I Do?

People are becoming more aware and moving towards a more healthy lifestyle all over the globe. It’s important to know what you are putting into your body and reading ingredients is the first step. Sugar has so many different names for example – so really understanding labels. It’s a good idea to visit a nutritionist and educate yourself. A nutritionist can teach you how to read and understand food ingredient lingo which will help you become more aware of what you are actually putting into your body.

Eating clean is also becoming quite popular – try to eat and drink all natural. Avoid foods that come in packages! It seems hard, but with sometime your body will appreciate food as its suppose to be and you’ll look and feel great!




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