London Fashion Week Backstage Favourites: 5 Must-Have Hair Products

I just got back from working backstage at London Fashion Week where I was part of the international TONI&GUY Session Team. It was an exhilarating, inspirational and exciting experience as always and I came back with lots of ideas for hair and makeup that I can’t wait to try out here! I’m keeping this post limited to the top 5 label.m hair products used backstage at LFW (FYI: label.m is the Official Haircare Product for LFW) which I thought would be quite useful for anyone who wants to know which styling products they should go for, depending on what they want out of their hair.

1. label.m Volume Mousse

Volume mousse is a must-have for anyone and the top backstage favourite. This was the most-used hair product at LFW: 300 cans of label.m Volume Mousse were used this year! The Volume Mousse provides a distinct, edge-driven texture that provides brilliant volumatic lift at the roots. All you need to do is spray it on damp hair, working through from roots to ends with a comb or fingers and then blow dry for volume and texture. It was used for Jean-Pierre Braganza, Belle Sauvage, Hema Kaul and Ong-Oaj Pairam’s shows, amongst many others.



2. label.m Sea Salt Spray

The Sea Salt Spray creates enviable, luscious, natural waves with an edgy matte finish that makes it seem like one just got back from the beach, with natural, sea breeze-kissed hair. To use, spray into damp or dry hair and blow dry for a thicker, matte effect. The Sea Salt Spray gives hair subtle volume and protects hair too due to it being equipped with label.m’s innovative Environshield Complex that helps protect hair against heat styling and UV rays. It was used extensively in the Giles show.



3. label.m Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is fast becoming a must-have product due to its usefulness and convenience factor. It’s great for people with oily hair or for someone who doesn’t have the time to shampoo; it’s a brilliant quick fix. Even if your hair is shampooed, adding on label.m Dry Shampoo gives a soft touch of velvet finish to the hair. Shake the can well and hold upright approximately 10-15cm from dry hair and apply evenly over hair, taking care to protect eyes and clothing or fabrics from the spray. Most stylists would agree with me when I say that dry shampoo is a life saver and quite versatile in its use. Dry shampoo also helps in keeping professionally-styled hair looking fresh for longer. The label.m Dry Shampoo was used for Apujan, Xiao Li and Tata Naka’s shows.



4. label.m Resurrection Style Dust

The label.m Resurrection Style Dust is another must-have as it’s a miracle powder that helps in getting maximum root lift and volume and has an edgy matte texture finish. The lightweight particles (or style dust) are easily absorbed into the hair for an invisible finish and a very natural feel. It also allows effortless backcombing and you can simply revive and rework your style throughout the day by simply massaging at the roots. This miracle volume-giving styling product was incorporated into the hair looks of Jean Pierre Braganza and Apujan’s shows.



5. label.m Powder Pink Spray

The Powder Pink Spray by label.m was launched a few months ago and has become quite popular in a relatively short span of time. It not only allows you to create trendy runaway styles from color blocking to pink ombré to dramatic highlights, it is also quite versatile as it has a light hold, soft finish and adds a little bit of texture. It’s quite simple to use and you can transform your look without commitment as it washes out instantly. Shake the can before using, spray evenly from a distance of 10-15 cm, leave it to dry for a couple of minutes and then brush it out for a light effect. Here’s an interesting LFW fact: 38 cans of label.m Powder Pink Spray were used for the Merit Award winner Xiao Li’s show.



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Shammal Qureshi
The CEO of Toni&Guy N Pakistan, Shammal Qureshi is a seasoned hair and makeup expert whose been trained by the industry best like Glauca Rossi Make Up School and training session with Mr. Toni Mascolo himself. Son to beauty expert Peng Qureshi, and husband to Redah Misbah, Shammal has over 10 hair and beauty certifications.

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