How to Fight Frizzy Hair!

For some of us silky straight hair is like a dream. We want it, but can’t seem to tame our out of control frizzy hair no matter what we do.



  • Not enough protein in the hair
  • Humid weather
  • Heat styling
  • Over exposure to the Sun
  • Coloring, perming and bleaching the hair



  • Mix together some extra virgin olive oil and an egg to create a paste. Apply it all over your hair and let it sit for half an hour. Use your regular shampoo and conditioner to rinse out the mixture.
  • Smooth out the cuticles of your hair by using vinegar to achieve an appropriate PH balance.
  • Mayonnaise can really help calm down frizzy hair. Mix 1 cup of mayonnaise with ½ anavocado to form a paste. Apply evenly all over, and then cover your hair with a plastic shower cap. Then, wrap a heated towel around it. 20 minutes later, wash and apply once a week.
  • Mix together ½ cup of Olive oil and ½ cup coconut oil. Heat and apply all over, focusing on the roots. Cover with plastic and wrap a heated towel around it. The longer you leave this mixture the better (30 minutes minimum). Reheat the towel as needed because you will require constant heat. Shampoo and rinse with cold water for best results.



Many women tend to skip conditioner because they think their hair will fall. This is a myth. Use a moisturizing conditioner to calm down frizzy hair. Just apply on the ends and avoid the roots. Look for coconut or castor oil in the list of ingredients.

DOs & DON’Ts

  • Over-washing – Don’t over-wash your hair! Using shampoo daily will strip your hair of its natural oils, which are the best moisturizers for your hair.
  • Read the Ingredients – When reading the back of our products, half the time we don’t even understand what they are! Harsh chemicals along with other ingredients can lead to frizziness. Try to avoid hair products that contain sodium, calcium, lye and lithium hydroxide. Many OIL based conditioners can also contribute to frizzy hair.
  • Over StylingToo much of a good thing, can become bad. Excessive blow-drying and hair straightening is a big cause of frizziness. Give your hair a break and try to air dry as much as possible.

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