Environmental-Friendly Hair Care

Environmental friendly haircare

Today, global warming is at the forefront of environmental concerns. There is a growing consciousness of taking certain measures with which we can control the extent of damage caused to the environment around us and the world in general. When it comes to hair care, there are a few simple steps that you can take to decrease your carbon footprint. Water pollution caused by the presence of non-biodegradable chemicals has ruined many sources of our drinking water. These include the chemicals from our shampoos, conditioners, face wash and styling products, etc. Here are three areas which you can easily consider implementing in your daily routine for the greater good of Planet Earth.

Go Organic, Buy Eco-Friendly Products

First things first, you should use natural organic ingredients in your hair, e.g. natural oils and butters such as olive oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and say no to inorganic oils. When you wash your hair, natural oils will not leave harmful waste products in the drainage and the sewerage and ultimately, our oceans and lakes. Do make sure that the products you get from the market are actually organic, and not making false claims. Watch out for these chemicals when you are buying your hair products: parabens, sulfates, silicone, phthalate and petroleum. Avoiding buying products containing these chemicals/compounds as they cause more damage then benefit – to the environment as well as your hair. Label.m has some great organic shampoos and conditioners, so check those out when you can.


Use Less Water

Worldwide water shortage is a growing concern. Considering that water is probably the single, most important natural resource, we need to give some more thought to how we can conserve it. Reduce the number of steps you take to wash your hair and the quantity of shampoo you use (because your hair actually does not need a lot of shampoo). I would also recommend using leave-in conditioners instead of the rinsing-out variety, as this will also save water. Avoid washing your hair daily. You can simply spray your hair with a little water to hydrate it. Using less today means we have more for tomorrow.

Conserve Electricity

One way to conserve electricity is to reduce the frequency of blow drying your hair. Blow dryers use up a lot of power and the heat also causes damage to hair. Same goes for hair straighteners, or tongs/curlers. Air drying is not only the greener solution, but it is also healthier for hair. To style hair, you can use heat-less methods like twisting, bendy rollers, silk rollers, using cloth as rollers, straw sets and knotting.


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Shammal Qureshi
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