7 Best Hair Oils for Faster Hair Growth

We women are complicated creatures. We’d give up anything just to have smooth, perfectly hairless bodies while doing everything in our power to have a headful of thick, shiny hair. Yes, we’re paradoxical like that. Sigh ! If you’ve never been envious of that one friend who has a gorgeous mane, you my girl are being quite untruthful.

Now our trichologists tell us that hair growth is determined by
● diet
● genes
● weather conditions
● overall health (deficiencies /hormonal imbalances / pregnancy)
● hair care and maintenance
So before beginning this post, I must tell you guys that looking for any one product to be the miracle your hair needs is just far-fetched and fanciful. There’s only so much topical solutions can do especially if you’re stressed and not taking care of yourself.

That being said, there are some potions, serums and solutions that will help improve your hair growth, its condition and its texture with regular usage. Not all these products might work for everyone, considering we all have different hair types, weather conditions, quality of water, shampoo or cleanser used etc. I have here a list of products that lots of women have vouched for, I hope you find your savior here 🙂

Khadi Ayurvedic Rosemary and Henna Hair Oil : (Rs. 255)

Everyone knows Henna is great for conditioning the hair and improving thickness. In this Khadi product, henna works in conjunction with rosemary to nourish and condition your hair with each wash. Khadi makes products with all-herb ingredients, so chemicals can stay out of your hair and scalp !

Biotique Bio Bhringraj Fresh Hair Growth Oil : (Rs. 159)

My love-hate relationship with biotique continues; I’ve always been baffled by how Biotique makes some products that are downright good and some that just, well suck (for want of a better word ). This oil is more like a serum, has a strong herby scent to it and can be massaged into the scalp leaving no heavy residue behind. While it does work well, be forewarned on the strong smell of the product before buying, especially if you have allergies.

Castor Oil ( any brand) :

I remember one of my friends with super thick brows once telling me that she used to apply a little castor oil on her brows before sleeping. I tried the same, and boy did it work! Imagine the wonders this could do to your mane. The oil is really thick and stick though and doesn’t wash off easily. Do your research before choosing to try this out.

Arnica Hair Oil (around Rs. 150 ) :

Many medical experts recommend Arnica to people suffering from hair loss, premature greying, thinning hair etc. This miracle oil doesn’t just improve hair thickness, it also conditions hair and prevents greys. It is a medically formulated potion and works where most others have failed.

Olive oil (any brand / not extra virgin olive oil ) :

One of the biggest mistakes women make while using olive oil for hair, is to use extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). This finest quality oil works great for salads and pasta but is not the best choice for hair application. Since the texture is really thick, it can’t be absorbed very well either. Use pomace olive oil instead to see how olive oil works for your hair.

Pure Almond Oil (any brand ) :

A thick hair mask made with almond oil, vitamin E and honey is definitely something your hair will thank you for. Almond oil has extremely penetrative and restorative properties that will work on even the coarsest of hair. There’s just no going back once you experience the magic of almond oil.
and, of course…

Pure Coconut Oil :

This ubiquitous oil has been the secret behind many lustrous manes, our nanis swore by it, most models still use it on their hair and on their body before a bath, masseuses use it to relieve one’s stress and reveal glowing skin.. the list is endless.

A regular massage with coconut oil is often all you need for a great head of hair. I like to leave it on overnight with a tee wrapped around my head to seal in moisture and reveal soft, natural curls after my hair wash the next day. Coconut oil is the gift of the gods, use it for great hair.

I’ve tried to keep out mentioning specific brands in this post and stick to oils that are available globally for all our readers but some Indian brands still crept in, because these oils are just wonderful 🙂

If you have a friend visiting India, do ask them to pick these up for you. You can always use the other oils mentioned in this post as well.

Pro Tip – Oil always shows best results when it is warmed and massaged well into the hair and scalp. No oil will show great results unless you massage it in properly. Try a turkish towel wrap and hot oil treatment at least once a month for best results !

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