5 Signs You Need a Haircut!

Sign #1 –Your Hair looks Thinner

Many women (& men) love long hair. We get into a phase where we don’t want to cut or trim our hair until it reaches the desired length. You should know that trimming your hair on a regular basis actually helps your hair to grow quicker and look thicker.

Sign #2 –Your Hair is One Length

The last time you got a hair cut your hairstylist cut layers into your hair that are now one length. Go get a touch up!


Sign #3 –People tell you that you look the same.

Its great when people tell you that you haven’t aged but if you look the same for the past couple of years, change it up! Your hair can be the perfect accessory and the right style can bring out your best features. Like Fashion, hairstyle trends change often so Google some new hairstyles and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Sign #4-Your hair routine consists of wash, pull back with a clip. Repeat.

A new haircut can spice up a mundane look and give you confidence. Change is a good thing and getting a new haircut will give you a new look compared to hair dying which consists of using harsh chemicals. And cutting your hair is actually good for your hair!


Sign #5 –Dry Damaged Hair

Using hot styling tools and chemicals can dry out your hair and leave it limp. Getting a fresh cut will help to get rid of those split ends. Ask them to put in a nourishing hair mask for a small-added cost before your hair cut.

If you answered YES to any of the following, go book yourself an appointment with an experienced hairdresser!



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