2014 Hair Trends

2013 is coming to a close and with the New Year coming up, we thought we’d give you a glimpse into what 2014 has in store for you vis-à-vis hair trends.

Spring/Summer 2014 takes inspiration from the runways, delivering hairstyles that feel fresh and on-trend without the added hassle of spending hours on them. If you feel like some hairstyles may be too elaborate for your everyday wear, take inspiration from them and don’t be afraid to make these trends your own.

Milkmaid Braids


You’ve heard of them, seen them, maybe even thought, “Hey, I wonder why they wear their hair that way” but sure enough, they are back in style once again and this time there’s no reason why you have to be conventional about them. Think regal – there’s a reason why they’re also calledCrown Braids. If you aren’t looking for a polished and refined look, then tease them up and pull a few face-framing strands out – as that looks romantic and carefree.

Deep Side Parts


For some people, parting hair depends more on what sits for them naturally or what suits their current cut at that point in time, however, since we are talking about trends here, deep side parting is your new go to. A deep side parting can become boring very soon, so sometimes, one needs to be creative and play with texture as well. Try a softer look by incorporating soft waves and hair tucked behind the ear or a more dramatic look with volume and a messier deep parting. Use a shiny barrette to hold the side with the parting back. This will add a fancy touch and further emphasize the deep side parting.

Soft Waves


Again, this isn’t anything new but is back as a trend by popular demand. Soft waves are romantic and feminine but in order to move away from that cliché, you can try a look that seems effortless and textured. Try for more piece-ey strands with a lot of texture and imperfection – these aren’t those old Hollywood perfect waves so much as waves with a bit of texture and tousle. The best part about this hair trend is that it will suit any length and can be worn with a deep side parting or even a middle parting.

Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

This is where you can be creative and original by bringing in your own aesthetics. Hair accessories are the best way to dress up your hair – not only are they functional but they also bring some personality to your hair. You can try something as simple as a ribbon instead of a hair tie or something trendier like leather headbands, as these will be key statements for the upcoming season.

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