The Best Muscle Preserving Fruit

Fruits for muscle gain

We live in fortunate times as there is a lot of knowledge, research and proof on how certain supplements and foods promote fat loss and build muscle. With this continued research, we are also able to dive into the benefits of many fruits and vegetables. Through general knowledge we know that amino acids found in proteins help build and repair muscle, and are essential if you are working out.

But there is new knowledge on a certain fruit that not only helps build muscle, but through age will preserve muscle!!! YES Indeed! This means, that with age, if you continue to consume this one fruit, you will maintain the muscle you have, and if you work out, this fruit will help you build more muscle.

You may be thinking, well I don’t care to be muscular like a bodybuilder, I just want to feel fit and look good. Muscle is not only to look great at any age but we also to protect your bones, keeps your metabolism at its peak, and keep you energetic. You see, muscle atrophy, or also known as muscle-wasting, is a significant health issue. It can be caused by aging, injury, cancer or heart failure and makes us weak and fatigued, prohibits physical activity and puts us at risk of falls and fractures.

Researchers have found that tomatidine creates a change in gene expression that is basically the opposite to the changes that occur in muscle cells when people are affected by muscle atrophy. Well the by product, tomatidine is found very high in none other, but Green Tomatoes!


You may have heard the benefits of red tomato, and naturally we all know that red tomatoes are good, because, well they are a fruit-sorta-vegetable. 😉

But new studies recently have shown that tomatidine has been found to help people build stronger muscles, increase exercise endurance and reduce body fat.

When I heard this study, the first thing out of my mouth was “Sign me up!!”.

Although there are no known documented and researched supplements on the market with green tomato extract, we definitely know the benefits of tomatoes overall in both green and red tomatoes. High amounts of antioxidants, essential for bone density and cardiovascular health and reducing oxidative stress. Including foods high in lycopine (the antioxidant in tomatoes) has been found elemental for aging and in fact lack thereof has shown signs of risk of osteoporosis in especially menopausal women.


So the overall conclusion is, eat your tomatoes! If you don’t like your tomatoes raw, you can cook them as a sauce or bake them and enjoy with some added spices!



If you come up with a green tomatoe recipe, be sure to let me know and I’ll feature you on my site!

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