The Art of Sculpting Your BODY!

Years ago, when I was struggling myself to loose weight and get in shape, I always thought it was me.

Its just my body type, and I will never look athletic, lean and have great abs. After all, it was easier to accept that change is unnecessary, than it is to work hard and defy all mental blocks.

I laugh at myself now reflecting on those years. As I started my fitness journey, I realized how much science and creativity play equal parts in sculpting and molding your body. Yes, I said sculpting your body.You see, your body is like a mould. What you really need to figure out is, what your mould is made of. Then you need to envision your painting and apply the appropriate steps to create your artistry.

Arms Toned

In my case, I was fairly proportioned all over, except with my arms being on the heavier side. Whatever I’d do, I felt my arms just kept getting bigger. It is, or was my weak spot.With time, I learned that I too can have great toned arms as those women in fitness magazines…

I just had to train them, and train them hard I did. & with time, they became my greatest assets.

Many women I encounter complain about their thighs and/or abs. I always tell my clients that what you perceive to be your weakest area can surely become your greatest asset. You see, the more energy you put into something, the more you transform and change it. All you need is the right framework to get you from the first step to the last.


For myself, I realized with time, I needed to work out my arms twice a week. Knowing that the minute I indulge in too many calories will go soaring to my arms, keeps me in check.

Here is a Sample my workout for Arms:

Note: Always warm-up. Please gage the weights for your own fitness level. I had to work up to the weights I use to get stronger, so make sure you increase your weights by 10% every week.


Skip 5 minutes

Arm Circles with 5lb dumbbell in each hand (to warm up shoulders)


Shoulder Press – 45-60 Seconds rest in between sets.

15lb Shouler Press for 15 reps

20lb Shoulder Press for 10 Reps

25lb Shoulder Press for 8 Reps

20lb Shoulder Press for 15 Reps

Single Arm Lateral Raises – Switch sides in between sets (not longer)

12lb Lateral raise for 10 Reps

10lb Lateral raise for 12 Reps

8lb Lateral raise for 15 Reps

12 lb Lateral Raise for 12 Reps

Rear Delt Machine

45lb for 15 Reps and 4 Sets

Single Arm Shoulder Press – Switch sides between sets

25lb Shoulder Press for 8-10 Reps and 4 Sets


25lb bar and curl for 15 – 20 Reps

30-35lb bar and curl for 12-15 Reps

25lb bar and curl for 25 Reps

30-35lb bar and curl for 15 Reps

15 lb bar bell or 8 lb dumbells – 100 Reps (this is a target goal)


Rope Extension

15lb for 100 Reps

25lb for 25 Reps and 3 Sets

Skull Crushers

35-45lb bar bell and 10-15 Reps for 4 Sets!

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Gule Sheikh
The world's first desi Body Building fitness competitor, Gule Sheikh is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer and a seasoned body builder. Sheikh is dedicated to her body, and yours! Her mantra? What do you have to lose, besides your unwanted pounds!

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