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Amir Khan diet and workout

Amir Khan is a is a former two-time world champion by winning WBA, WBA (Super)and IBF Light Welterweight titles, who happens to impress us as the youngest British Champions ever, and who happens to be of Punjabi descent! We’re grinning from ear to ear with pride for sure!
So how does this young champ prepare for a fight and keep his focus?
He starts with… Visualizing!
That’s right! He visualizes the day of the fight, his opponent, his moves and how he will feel.

Practice Practice Practice

Have I mentioned practice? “Sparring is the closest thing to a fight,” Amir says. He spars with many partners, so he can anticipate and practice different techniques. “Sparring is about getting your timing right. It’s about taking shots and knowing what to expect. So it’s the closest thing to a fight.”



His weekly conditioning habits are key to lead in the ring. His conditioning is so intense that he has a precondition to his conditioning routine!! Here is a sample workout that is a great fat burner too!
Preconditioning (First Two Weeks)

Monday: Track work
High-intensity sprint drills, cones, agility drills, ladder drills (50 minutes)

Tuesday: Pool work or ocean swim
Quarter mile to half mile swim or sprint interval pool drills




Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Strength training circuit
14 plyometric and isometric exercise stations (50 minutes)

Friday: Stairs
304 flights with three breaks, alternating single-step, double-step and triple-step strides between breaks


Conditioning and Sparring (After First Two Weeks)

Sparring three times per week, conditioning three times per week.
Sparring rounds increase each week. Before sparring rounds reach six, continue with daily conditioning.
When sparring rounds are above six, take day off conditioning and focus on recovery.


Try this workout for a few weeks and see how well you can condition your physique.



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