Transform Old Dupattas Into Stylish Winter Scarves!

Scarf styles from dupattas

Which desi belle doesn’t have her own collection of bright, vividly colored, decorated bits of fabric? We’re talking about the humble dupatta.

A dupatta is generally used as a sign of modesty and worn with the traditional salwar kameez over the top half of a woman’s body.
The market offers several kinds of fabric choices, designs and weaves for the traditional dupatta. As more and more women are choosing to wear western formals due to comfort and wearability, one sees a general decline in people opting for this traditional style of dressing unless it is a special occasion.

So what do you do with your old dupattas?

Make them into scarves!

The major difference between a dupatta and a scarf is its draping style. In fact, scarves are western dupattas if you will.

Here’s how to reuse those old dupattas:


The major difference between dupattas and scarves are their sizes. Dupattas tend to be really long and rectangular while scarves come in sqaurish to triangular shapes.

Flower Power


(You’ll need fabric and a flower motif, some sewing equipment)
Pick an old flowery chiffon or georgette fabric and iron it out neatly to smooth out folds and kinks, if any. Then, gently measure it and cut off the excess length to form a smaller, more scarf-like shape.
On one part of the fabric, a little away from the middle, stitch on a nice, flower motif. Make sure it faces upwards.
While wrapping the scarf around, make sure the flower part comes near the knot.

Jewelled Scarf


(You’ll need fabric, sequins and a pretty neck piece)
A jewelled scarf is really great for those nights when its too cold to wander out alone in that gorgeous dress.
There are two versions of making this :
1. Take some plain ,dark colored fabric and cut it into the desired shape. Next, trim the ends and stick on the sequins to the ends in rows. You can stick the sequins very close together if you want a shimmery effect on your scarf.
You could also attach several sequins to make a design you like.
A glue gun can be used to help sticking the sequins.

Two In One Scarf

(you’ll need two contrasting colors of the same fabric and sewing equipment)
This one is exactly like the name suggests. Cut up equal lengths of fabric and stitch the ends. Then braid the two by looping as shown in the image.


Pull all four ends to cinch the knots tighter. This can easily be passed off as a high-end buy!


Buttoned Scarf!


(you’ll need fabric , a button-hole maker and BUTTONS!)
This is the easiest and cutest scarf possible. Do note that you’ll need a thicker fabric to make this or double-stitched fabric.
Take a rectangular length of fabric and sew the buttons on one end. You could sew them in a line or diagonally, whatever you like more.
Space out the button holes appropriately on the other end.
Wrap around your neck and button up. Voila!


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