Top Picks From Khaadi Lawn Collection 2015

My favorite lawn collection of the bunch – Khaadi! Khaadi has been my favorite high street mid range brand, their stuff lasts the longest, the fabric doesn’t lose it’s softness and the colors don’t bleed! Also I find the Khaadi lawn offering to be much more economical than some of the other ones – no matter how pretty a print is, there us only so much you can spend on a lawn ka jora haha! In case you do not want to be art of a human stampede, I’d say forget going to the Khaadi stores for a while and shop online! I love the Khaadi website, super simple to navigate and saves you from the hassle of standing for hours at the till! Since I rarely ever wear a 4 or 5 piece suit (sounds daunting haha) check out my top picks from the 2 and 3 piece range below!
Khaadi Facebook Page –HERE!
Khaadi Online Shopping Website –HERE!
Prices –
2 peice printed – PKR 1700
2 piece embroidered – PKR 3500
3 piece – PKR 3200 to 3800
4 piece – PKR 5200 to 6400
5 piece – PKR 5900 to 6400

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