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Quick (but completely unnecessary) fact : The hashtag “model” is one of the highest searched ones Instagram by men and women alike. So are men the only gender who “for your eyes only” can be applied to ? Apparently not!

While it comes as no surprise to most of us, the rest better grudgingly admit that instagram, being a photo sharing app and all, is kinder to those genetically (or surgically, if you’re feeling catty) blessed humans who can make you sigh just by posting absolutely any picture of theirs.
So while we know that the Michelle Phans and Bethany Motas of the world have their own online loyalties, the model community with their perfect features and figures are really not that far behind. And since we’re all about them desis, here’s where you can you get your eye candy and then some inspiration maybe.
So in no random order, here goes our list –

Esha Gupta @egupta


Okay no, it isn’t Angelina Jolie. Sure looks like her, but that’s another story. This model and sometimes-actor is a shutterbug favorite. I mean, just look at that pout. After bagging a few forgettable roles in Bollywood, Esha is all but ready to bow down and has her sights set firmly on scoring better films and better roles.

Angela Jonsonn @ang_jonsson


To be fair, Angela is only half Indian. The other half is Italian descent. But being desi fans that we are, we totally attribute her dark good looks to her beautiful mixed genes. Though Angela isn’t a very known face in the filmi circuits, she has graced multiple covers with elan. And why not, when she has a face that could launch a million ships?

Nidhi Sunil @nidhisunil


Dusk came silently, but when Nidhi Sunil’s duskiness dawned on us, it shone like the midday sun.

This deep-skinned stunner has all the makings of a supermodel but, hold your breath – she’s also a law-student and trained martial arts specialist. That ought to keep the unwanted male attention off ! 🙂

Deepti Gujral @deeptigujral



Whoever said models have a “short career” have obviously not heard of Deepti Gujral. It’s been more than ten years of rampwalking, anchoring, hosting and posing for the best covers in the country. Deepti is THE lady to follow, to get the best Behind The Scenes action of a model’s life and style. The selfies are quite jawdropping too!


Sherry Shroff @sherryshroff


Model, blogger and a qualified lawyer, Sherry Shroff has some great fashion DIYs to offer and also runs her own youtube channel. Her style is fun, quirky and very colorful and wearable. She posts a lot of OOTDs and DIYs so you guys can add her to your daily fashion feed as well.

Ashika Pratt @ashika_pratt


You’ve probably seen her on the Kingfisher Calendar or on the Official Vogue April edition in 2010. Ashika, a Indian-bred but New Zealand born model has modeled for Harpers Bazar, Elle , Vogue, MarieClaire and Femina.

She lives in New York and often shares beautiful insights into her jetsetter life and travels. Follow the fun on her instagram account !

Neelam Gill @neelamkg


Apart from winning every brow competition she could’ve ever enrolled in, Neelam’s major win was to be hailed as the face of Burberry last year. She was the first ever Indian chosen for the role and one look at her flawless features will show you why.

Follow Neelam on instagram for beautiful travel and fashion inspiration and many fashion and luxury photoshoots.


Who did we miss out on ? Fill us in, with your choices as well 🙂

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