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Originating from the Mughals, the true ambassadors of jewellery crafted with artistic detail, detailed with intricate stonework and chains to enhance to overall beauty of the ornament, this is the era that inspires me.

The Nose ring also known as ‘nath’ is a jewellery ornament that represents culture, beauty and most importantly martial symbolic value for South Asian brides.

When deciding on your perfect wedding dress, the jewellery should not be an afterthought. The right jewellery should show off your beautiful wedding dress and make you feel fantastic, all day long. So when discussing bridal jewellery with clients, there is a topic that I love to mention…

To wear a nose ring on the wedding day or not?

We have access to different types of accessories available to wear today for fashion purposes. However, to wear this ornament on your wedding day adds traditional attractiveness and timeless value to complete your bridal look.

Currently, traditional bridal jewellery is here to stay so why not take inspiration from the versatility and symbolic value that the nath brings to your wedding jewels. Here are my favourite types of nose ring looks to consider:


Large Nath: The ultimate timeless classic!

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From royal significance to a bollywood bridal favourite as seen on Aishwarya Rai in Jodha Akbar. Make a traditional statement with this type of nose ring. I adore a large nath whether plain, covered in semi precious stones, kundan or pearls.


Small Nath: The subtle look!

Nath or not to nath 3

A elegant and lighter jewel that will compliment your entire traditional attire. This is a popular choice among brides especially if you want your head jewels or necklace/haar to do the talking, after all balance is essential.


Decorated Multi Chain Nath: Be daring, make a statement!

Nath or not to nath 4

This nath style will make your bridal look unique. An excellent way to stand out with decorated layers of chain going up all the way to the hair with spaced out pearls/semi precious stones falling onto the face. Remember your multi chain nath won’t be as extravagant as in the picture!


Maharashtra Nath: Channel the look of millions!

Nath or not to nath 5

In Maharashtra, women wear this unique pearl nose pin on the side the nose which enhances the beauty of the overall look with the addition of tradition. I just can’t get enough of how Actress Genelia D’Souza looked with this nath at her Masharashtrian style wedding. She like many millions of ladies in India wore an intricately designed ornament that signifies much more than a nose ring.



Nath or not to nath 6

Elegance and royalty brought to our eyes by Sonam Kapoor at Cannes 2013, YES not a bridal look. BUT if you are wearing kundan jewellery on your big day this is the style nath to take into consideration.




Your research! From the social media to catwalks we have plenty of resources around us. But you have the most reliable sources around you. Ask your mother, aunt and grandmother of their experiences!

DON’T leave it to the wedding day! The last thing you need on the day of your wedding is to worry about your nose ring. My advice is to try your nath on as soon as you purchase it at home or at your bridal trial so you have how it will fall onto your face and comfort levels are crucial!


buy the nath apart of your bridal jewels; one consistent jeweller is essential to ensure you have consistent craftsmanship that brings the entire look together. Again research well, this is your grand occasion make the jewels be memorable.

DON’T be put off from the nath because your nose is not pierced, the option of clip on nose rings are available.

And most importantly…

Please DON’Trule out wearing a nath because you are not happy with your nose! Challenge this perception you have and I know it is hard to embrace flaws you have grown to dislike, but your features are what represents personality, character and what makes you…you!

What do you think of the bridal nath? Which do you prefer Comment below on your views/experiences..

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Mahmuda Syed
British born Mahmuda Syed, interest in designing jewelry originated from her love of art and history. Syed then transformed her passion of jewelry making by co-founding 'Innaya Couture' which intends to transform the culture and historical value of south Asian empires and civilization into unique timeless designs.

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