Timeless Classics – 18 Things Every Woman Must Own!

Women all time classics

1. Chanel or Celine Bag


The name Chanel is synonymous with the chic, possibly slightly snobbish, style seemingly reserved for the upper crust of the society — quilted flap bag or tweed blazer, anyone?

Chanel purses have been the statement of elegance for decades.


But if Chanel doesn’t do it for you, the subtle elegance the ostrich and anaconda combination of a Celine bag is hard to beat. Its simple yet provocative design just screams out elegance in its own way. Sopick whichever one you like better because both these bags make you look real classy.

2. White Shirt


Fashion trends come and go but this piece of wardrobe will always be there to stay.

All the posh ladies know that a classy white shirt is an essential accessory in the wardrobe. A crisp white button down shirt with its simplicity will always make any girl look classy.

3. Blue jeans


A classic pair of blue jeans will always make you look uber chic if you have the right set of accessories going on with it. Make no mistake a nice clean crisp pair of blue jeans is always much better than a faded one for the right elegant look. It is also a must have for girls and will always make you look neat and classy.

4. Ballet Flats


Wearing high heels on your feet daily takes a severe toll on your feet, hips and back area. So when you need to find comfort and look classy, ballet flats is the way to go. They can be the perfect dress shoes which are both elegant and stylish.

5. Black High Heels


Black high heels are a timeless classic for looking elegant and classy.

There is no doubt about the fact that high heel give you the ultimate classy look. Black high heels are the absolutely elegant and can be used multi-purposely for a day in the office and also to go with your dress at a gala.

6. Nice Watch


Stylish and sophisticated, designer watches invite luxury into daily lives.

High-end brands bring beauty, style and statement with chic watches for women. With so many beautiful options I would say girl looks the classiest Wearing an elegant watch.

7. Red Lips


Classy, elegant, hot, sexy — red lipstick can be EVERYTHING.

You can use any shade of red lips according your skin tone and you just cannot go wrong with it. Personally, I find red lipstick to be the classiest. Another lip color that I prefer is the nude beige shade from MAC Cosmetics.

8. A Classy Coat


There is nothing classier than a coat.

I like them in beige, but they exist in so many colours. If you don’t have one already, I advise you to get a beige one. It goes with everything. You can wear it casually or if you want to be more sophisticated, you can wear it with heels. If you prefer other colors, get one in black or bright red. Make sure, if you get a black one and you want to wear a black outfit, you get some colorful accessories to avoid the cat woman black style. Don’t get one too large unless you want to wear it for work and need to wear a jacket underneath. A good trench coat has to be close to the body. That is what makes us look so sexy and feminine when we wear one. Also, don’t choose one too long if you are short.

9. Black Dress and White Plain Dress

No matter what your field of work is whether you are an executive or work in the field a plain black or white dress will always work for you, however, make sure the fit is absolutely right because that’s what’s going to decide the overall look of your outfit!

10. Beige Heels


The possibilities are endless with this rich color which always looks classy.

Beige can never go out of style! Investing in a light shade whether it’s presented on a sky scraping stiletto, cozy boot, and beige will always be your sidekick! Having a hard time finding the perfect heel to go with your statement making dress or outfit? Then pick a gorgeous beige hue to accent perfectly.

11. Shawl Tosh


A good shawl tosh has always been an elegant way to cover yourself up from the weather or even just for an easy relaxed day out and a good embroidered one can always give you in the plainest way style and elegance with pure class.

12. A Good Belt


The right belt can take a casual, thrown together outfit and elevate it to a unique ensemble that makes a statement.

The right collection of belts is essential to a complete, versatile, and up-to-date wardrobe, as the belt is one of the most important accessories that a woman can own. In my opinion a Hermes brown belt or a Celine belt are really classy and they compliment you with jeans or dress pants alike.

13. Beige Dress Pants with White Top


A very elegant way to make you look formal with style is wearing a beige dress pant with a white top or button up shirt. This option may go with a formal meeting or even a casual meeting with your friends but will most definitely make a classy style statement amongst the people you are with.

14. Glasses


Glasses are an accessory no diva should be without.

A good pair of sunglasses or even a plain one can help you out in many ways. Glasses can not only be your own style statement but also help you look beautiful as well as younger. A pair of classic Rayban, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci all make very classy sunglasses.

15. Silver Hoops or Pearl Earrings


The perfect earrings are the ultimate finishing touch to every outfit.

Most women choose these popular accessories according to their overall style, color, and materials. Women who can choose the right earrings for their face shape will be able to stand out from the crowd by accentuating their natural beauty with these simple, elegant accessories. If you are young of age you can opt for some silver hoops and while age doesn’t matter, you can always go with pearl earrings as they stylish, classy and timeless.

16. Hermes Scarf in Bright Colors

Hermes-Spring-Summer-10Scarves are like belts, the more you have the better.

French women love them. They give you allure, a beautiful classy finish and above all… keep you warm! Known for its classic individuality, the Hermes scarves in bright colors always add that elegant touch I try to add into my own wardrobe.

17. Plain White Kurta with Kolapuri Chappals


One of my own personal favorites is owning a plain white kurta because with its simplicity and casual nature you just cannot go wrong. Add to that a pair of nice kola puri chappals, and you’re making a simple statement that people are bound to notice. I know a lot of girls lack the self confidence if they are short, but I personally think that any girl above 4’8” can wear kolhapuri chappal and still carry herself well with poise. If you’re shorter, a delicate heel should do the trick!

18. Signature Perfume


“Perfume is very much synonymous with womanhood as are handbags and high heels.” – Coco Chanel

A woman’s signature scent is important because it represents you! Choose a a scent that is eternally classic and reflects your unique personality.

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