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Spring trends

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As spring has slowly but surely made an appearance, so have new spring fashions and trends. My most favourite of 2014 has to be capes. If you are unfamiliar with these beautiful flowey, light creations then allow me to introduce you to a movement that you are most likely to join. These kimono inspired designs are the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe as they usually entail a floral or spring-esque print.

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Paired well with a more basic ensemble underneath, capes can spruce up a look by adding that splash of colour to make it appropriate for any gathering. Not only are they perfect for days when you feel like you want to cover up, but this is flawless for if you are trying to achieve the very in bohemian look.

SAIRA My favourite Spring Trend 4

The perfect substitution for the very out dated cardigan, a kimono is the perfect oriental touch to adding lux appeal into your look. Whether you’re trying to achieve a glamorous expression or effortless chic, this beauty is ideal to throw over a midi, boyfriend jeans or over swimwear.

SAIRA My favourite Spring Trend 5

Every big retailer is currently carrying these hippie bring backs but to get your picture-perfect cape to pair well with eastern or western wear, check out designers like Haute Vintage (, Elan and western stores like Urban Outfitters. Happy shopping!

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