Lakme India Fashion Week : Gaurang Shah’s Pathbreaking Show

You know the stereotypes associated with being a model and walking for a leading designer – a strict diet regime, ability to walk in the most uncomfortable heels and of course, not a pound of flab to be visible on the model’s waist or elsewhere.


Which is why, when Carol Gracias walked the ramp for Gaurang Shah after, wait-for-it, 10 years, there was more than just bated breaths and sighs all around. Wait, why don’t we show you guys instead of telling you?


You saw it right, Carol sashayed down the ramp with a very visible baby bump – and boy are we loving it!


I’m honestly so pleasantly surprised and proud of this at the same time. A pregnant model playing showstopper is hardly the stuff we desis have witnessed earlier. Carol looks absolutely stunning in that sari, so many reasons to love Gaurang Shah more!

Carol is seen here wearing a Khadi Jamdani Sari and a ruffle-sleeve blouse with chikankari work on the bodice and sleeves.


The other pieces from Gaurang’s collection this year were innately traditional with intricate details and textiles that made best use of India’s craftmanship and dying art of kota and khadi works. The colors used were beautifully vibrant and colorful.


The collection also showcased some handmade floor-length gowns and long skirts with fitted blouses and scarves. All in all, a very wearable collection.


Here are some of my favorite picks from Gaurang Shah’s show – Calico.


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