How To Look Your Fashionable Best On A Vacation

Warmer weather = leaving to even warmer climates to get our vacation on! April showers don’t only bring May flowers. They also bring depressing conditions which motivate our longing for better weather souls to venture out of our locality to get some sun, relaxation and unwind beneath a cabana of some sort while sipping on a virgin (or not) pina colada.


Visualizing a scene like this only naturally compels me to imagine what I’ll be wearing as I take part in such activities. Besides the usual maxi dress, what other unexpected items should be in our suitcase when traveling? Keep reading as I give you the low down on five essential items to not forget for your upcoming adventures.


When packing, it’s momentous to remember that there are several factors that play a huge role in what you’re bringing. Destination, itinerary, and weather are all very important elements to consider. Keeping this in mind, the first thing to think of and even plan your outfits around is foot wear.

I’m a big believer in comfort with a happy balance of being trendy at the same time. Depending on excursions, bringing along comfy shoes is vital as you’ll probably be on your feet all day. Besides flip flops for the beach, and joggers for the adventurous excursions, bring along strappy sandals, corky wedged heels, and something compatible with your evening wear. Keeping the colours neutral and safe as they work well with all looks.


On holidays, we plan outings where we spend all day out of our resorts/hotels touring and site seeing. Personally, when I have a long day, I want to be hands free from holding a purse. My go-to cross body bags save my life and allow me to go zip lining across a forest or even take part in a bus tour. A messenger bag comes in handy when actually traveling from point A to B as you have to go through security checks so it’s easy to manage when taking on and off. I would also advise a clutch for your dinners/nights out and a perfect beach bag – something roomy, which allows you to carry all your beachday necessities.


Being Pakistani, it’s just psychologically embedded in me that I DO NOT WANT TO TAN! With this said, I find the largest, most outrageous hats to help me avoid any colour on my face. Frankly, I just don’t want to worry about changing makeup as my skin tone changes but I also kind of just enjoy being colourless. =| The bigger the hat, the better. Not only are they great to protect you from unwanted sun rays, but they are the picture-perfect accessory to take your vacation wear up a notch.


When making a checklist, I always contemplate eye wear and have a distinguished box that carries all 3-7 pairs of my glasses for a week-long journey. I take every shape, colour and type I can think of. Not only are you in the sun for over extended periods of time so your eyes need that protection, but they’re ideal for those days when you simply don’t feel like wearing makeup and want to hide your racoon eyes from not getting enough sleep. I don’t need glasses to see/read but I take a few fake specs along just to add a little something to my daily look.


Lastly, a trip always warrants us to appear and feel our best when out of the country. Nothing makes me feel greater than a pair of freshly scrubbed feet. Yes! Mani/pedi season is upon us so make sure to sport something you love – whether it is a design or something basic. After all, it is factual that when we look our best, we feel our best. So cop these items that make you feel incredible and put you in the mood ofexploring sites and tour in a way that you’re comfortable yet fashionable.

Happy vacationing!

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