Hello Summer: The Latest Summer Style Guide!

Summer style guide

The long anticipated summer is finally here! For everyone – this pretty much means the same thing for everyone. Warm walks to the office meet happy hour meet patio dinners. What more could you want out of a long summer day? Ultimately, we all want good. Good weather, good vibes and to look good. So how can one achieve that during the warmest season of the year? It’s easier than you think.

When shopping for summer staples, you only need a few simple items to dress up all season long. To start, every girl needs a great maxi dress. Now a maxi is honestly one of the simplest things you can put on. It’s such a versatile essential that can either be dressed up or played down depending on where your destination. Perfect for both casual and formal wear, this baby is low maintenance and allows for comfort and style appeal.

With unbearable temperatures, comes unbearable perspiration. So obviously we lean towards materials and fabrics that are more airy and breathable. Who knew that 2014 would bring sheer and transparent textiles back? It makes sense. Although they’re a little more on the sexy side, design houses haveadded a modest touch to the see-through blouses and tops that are now in style.




While on the topic of tops, I don’t know anyone out there who hasn’t copped a crop top! They are everywhere! Exposing your mid rift or not, crop tops are a return from the 80s and have been forecasted to stay forupcoming seasons! It’s a great investment to pick up a few as they pair well with denim shorts or even a nice fitted pencil skirt.



Lastly, when thinking of staples, how can one not think of accessories? Glasses, shoes, beach bags, jewelry, the best of it is released in the summer. Gladiator heels/flats, cat eyed sun glasses and statementnecklaces are the “it thing” this time around. All of these can come in handy yearlong (depending on where you live) and are vital for every fashionista’s wardrobe.

So dress up – look your finest- and paint the town red. Summer sensations are obviously special as it’s a period when people feel their best, simply because they look their best! Happy summer styling!


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Saira Hayat Khan
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