Farah Ali Khan: Working Her Way Through Diamonds

Farah khan has made a mark for herself through her brand: Farah Khan fine jewelry. Farah is a woman of substance who is as popular for her beautiful and extravagant jewelry pieces, as her lineage, Daughter of legendary Sanjay Khan, sister of the ravishing Suzzane Khan. The creative gemologist and jewelry designer talks to desibeautyblog! Read on to know more.

What inspired the new Tanishq ?

Coming up with this collection for Tanishq has been a very enriching experience. This collection narrates the tale of my love for Persian art and architecture and my reverence to the modern Indian women. The assortment of jewels is a delight to the eyes as we have incorporated a lot of colored gemstones with sparkling diamonds.

When I see this collection, I see romance, I see feminity, I see art, and I see beauty. At the same time, it is a multi-faceted, multi functional collection for the woman of today who is contemporary yet classic. A woman who transforms herself effortlessly from lunches to launches; presentations to parties, homemaker to haute couture; from family to femme fatale!
With this collection I hope to recreate the magic of the Farah Khan design aesthetics for the Tanishq woman who wants great design in a range that caters to her needs, who aspires to be fashionable yet traditional, where dreams spell design, and where precious becomes timeless.


Tell us something about your favorite piece of jewelry?

My favorite is a 34 ct Colombian emerald diamond ring that I wear everyday .

Where do you draw your design aesthetics from?

I’m inspired through the process of life and my experience of it. I have an over active imagination that allows me the freedom to make the impossible possible and I like to narrate my tales of inspiration and craftsmanship within my bejeweled jewellery theater. I would say that I am an eccentric, creative, passionate artist and an orator of stories. I don’t love to design; I live to design!


What are some must-have pieces of jewelry for a bride?

There are many must haves for a bride but the wedding day jewellery should be something she chooses wisely. Something she can get maximum wear out of and not something that lies in the lockers. Saying that I would l recommend a necklace set, long chandelier earrings and lots of bangles in her trousseau.

Your love for diamonds?

I love the fact that diamonds are indestructible and that they are used in jewellery to commemorate love, marriage and celebrations, thus making each one of these emotions symbolically indestructible and forever.

Do you have any heirloom piece of jewelry passed on to you, if yes what is that?

A gold pendant my mother gave me that was passed on to her by her mother. It is an openable locket and I have a picture of me and my husband on its inside. Another one is a beautiful Antique bird brooch that has been passed down to me by my mother and her family.

Has there been a moment when you created a piece of jewelry for someone and then fell in love with it?

I fall in love with all my pieces each time I create them. Its like giving birth to a baby and that baby is taken by someone else. There is so much love, passion and creativity that goes into each piece that it is like capturing a moment of my life at that point. Everything is in that piece that will outlive its wearer and go down generations making precious more precious!


Where can people see your latest collections and order them?

At present I retail in Mumbai and on our online webstore Next year we will be looking at expanding the label all over one by one. We also retail on online on a high end luxury portal.

Have you designed any piece of jewelry for Hrithik Roshan?

Yes I have. Have made him 2 pendants.

Who has been your biggest support system till date?

My family is my biggest support system and pillars of strength. We stand by each other at all times and compliment each other. We believe in one for all and all for one.


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