Fall Styles to Leave on the Catwalk

Every few months, designers release collections appropriate for the upcoming season and fall has been no exception. We all rush to fill our closets with trends and pieces that we deem season worthy but should we rush into adapting each and every style? Is everything we see on the runway a good idea to exert in our everyday? Let’s take a stroll through some of the things I wish to never see on you or me.

First and foremost, turtle necks are without a doubt a staple for your fall/winter wardrobe but not some of the individual members I saw that were blatantly oversized and looked like they were eating the model up alive. I really don’t know if it’s even worth it to be able to pull such a look off – the risk of looking ridiculous seems too high.


Okay so the second trend has to be one of the most absurd ones I’ve seen thus far. I’m a girl whose all for a seasonal movement such as a nice faux fur coat or ear muffs – but when you take a rain boot and add a heel to it – I start to wonder where the designer went wrong. Please observe below if you can’t imagine the atrophy. Why Miu Miu, why?


Last but definitely not least – the award for Fall 2014’s trend to leave on the catwalk has to go to – PATCHWORK FUR. From what we’ve seen thus far, the fur tends to be colourful, leaving the luxury of the trend behind. Keeping it natural would be your best bet but that isn’t what we’ve seen from designers such as Altuzarra. Faux or not – lets aim to keep fur as far from looking artificial as we can. We all come out winners that way.


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